Chicken Run
(Ostblockschlampen Remix)

Ok people… our Track „We will bomb who we want“ will be relased in october this year on one of our favourite labels „TOPBILLIN“ i think everybody know it… they released one of our most lovly tracks „CHICKEN RUN“… i think everybody know it since over a year 😉 ! tomorrow we will share a teaser for you.
BUT FIRST…. today at 18 o´clock… we will present our CHICKEN RUN Remix as a free download for the first 100 people. please leave us a comment on soundcloud… also 18 Uhr Chicken Run – Ostblockschlampen Remix… wer zu erst kommt malt zu erst! =D

(Download – right click(rechte maustaste) – save as(speichern unter)

Canblaster – Chicken Run (Ostblockschlampen Remix) by OSTBLOCKSCHLAMPEN


Release Info PPR 002
R.Schneider – “Warning”

R.Schneider is a Italo-Belgo bad ass!
Famous for his Monster „you´ve been magnitized“ and big with his brother Lektroluv Artist „Mr Magnetik“!
Now he is a member of the Plattenpussy Record crew! Beside belgium youngsters „Zero Gravitiy“ and ptichy patchy troll „Vanilla“ he servses us with „Warning“ one of the hottest shit 2011!
Dirty rough basslines will roll over your head and destroy every single nerve in your brain…
Warning!!! Here comes the BAD ASS!


R. Schneider – Warning from BUGS on Vimeo.

Warning 1 (Original)
Warning 2 (Original)
Warning (Zero Gravity Remix)
Warning ( Vanilla Remix)

PPR002 – R.Schneider – Warning – Teaser by plattenpussyrecords

Deejay Feedbacks:
Fakeblood „I like the Zero Gravity mix. The arpeggios are a bit similar to Mumbai Science, but the main bass part is great.“
Shameboys „Sick release! i can’t decide which mix i like the best, Warning(Original) or Vanilla remix! If you want a track to destroy your dancefloor, pick one of these 2 here! Sure banger.“
Don Rimini „Warning (Zero Gravitiy Remix) is my fav :)“
The Oddword „It’s a good track, It’s like a strong Techno song with Fidget sounds. Realy like it.
I’m just put it in my cd map “
Larry Tee „VANILLA“ yay“
Beat & Bang „Nice Ep !“
Stereoheroes „as you said, bad ass tracks. thanks “
Malente “zero gravity rmx is cool“
Zero Cash “i like the zero gravity mix!
iPunk “WARNING – THIS IS MASSIV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vanilla remix is my choice!!!!!!!!!!“
Beens „The original is a solid banging track! works on the dancefloor! “