[Top Billin / MTWAT]

Artist: Ostblockschlampen
1) Bombs Like Us (Original)
2) Bombs Like Us (Funkin Matt Hardcore Didgeridoo Bass Remix)
3) Bombs Like Us (Sick Boy Remix)
4) The Trumpet
5) The Trumpet (Sharkslayer Remix)
6) The Trumpet (Vanilla´s Break & Funky Remix)

big support by Bloody Beetroots, Gehts Noch?, Ego Troopers, Nickel (Ex Hey Today), Aerotronic,
Chewy Choclate Cookies, Beat & Bang, Autodidakt, DNA, iPunk,, R.Schneider



Sharkslayer launches own label, music to begin with from Will Bailey, Nick Thayer, Funkin
Matt, Misk, Rishi Romero, Ostblockschlampen and more. Preview 1st release on the player.
Its comes from the legandary and extraordinary OSTBLOCKSCHLAMPEN! After big success
with „Bitches from Ostblock“ on the New York based label „Coco Machete“ – here comes the
next big strike!
„BOMBS LIKE US“ with big remix support by Funkin Matt, Sick Boys, Vanilla and Top Billin
head himself – Sharkslayer!
Bang Boom Bang!
Helsinki’s bass and electro music don and a Top Billin member of the board of bosses
Sharkslayer launches a new label, cleverly titled My Techno Weighs A Ton.
My Techno Weighs A Ton (or MTWAT) is dedicated to the more bangin sounds of today’s club
music. While Top Billin continues to push the boundaries for forward-thinking party music and
ghetto vibed club cuts, MTWAT will make sure to release cutting edge high-powered party
music ranging from rave numbers to electro house, dubstep tracks and even jackin house (with
some ghetto house numbers too).
MTWAT will be operating and distributed under the Top Billin Music corporation and
Sharkslayer promises quality over quantity.